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Botanical Moisturizing Cream
With well over a dozen herbs and rarely found oils, this cream is not only bound to moisturize your skin, but it will also help to reduce any inflammation, contribute to wrinkle free skin and correct any dryness. Very nourishing.
$22 small/ $28 large / $30 pump container
Botanical Facial: Gentle Face Scrub
Hydrating, soothing and exfoliating remedy for the skin. Mix of organic grains and herbs for home facial care.
Ladies Balancing Salve
The essential oil blend in this salve is helpful to center, relax, and ground and helpful during PMS to create a more peaceful mood and outlook. Can also be used as lip tinting color while nourishing your lips (especially dehydrated, cracking lips).
Aches and Pains Away Salve
Used for physical pain such as strain, muscle ache or cramp, menstrual cramp, back/neck pain or joint discomfort. Really helpful for deep seeded, chronic injury correction and pain relief.
Uplift and Clear Mind Salve
Citrus scent is useful for alertness and stimulation of memory and brain functioning when applied to temples or smelt.
All Purpose Lavender Salve
Apply topically to heal cuts, pimples, dry skin, bug bites, and burns. Apply to temples for headache relief. Can be used on lips or on any skin based ailment.
Golden Temple Sacred Space Mist
This mist works to clear your space from static energy, strengthen boundaries and can enhance a protective field. With the addition of holy water from the Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple), this spray brings sacred Divine healing. Tulsi ‘Holy Basil’ and Sandalwood essence are added to this spray to deepen our connection with Mother Earth and remind us of some of India’s holiest of herbs which are mentioned in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. The blend of essential oils can also help to rid your space of lingering germs with their antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities.
More on the mist: This blend of essential oils can help to rid your space of lingering germs with its antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities.  Allows that which serves your highest good to come into your aura. Includes Tulsi 'Holy Basil,' an herb that embodies the true essence of the Earth devi (goddess/creator).
$23 small / $28 large
Women’s Strength for Moon Time
Useful to help build strength & relief from symptoms (such as cramps or moodiness) during moon cycle. Provides nutrients, iron, & other essential minerals. Many women become anemic or feel fatigued during their menstrual cycle & this can help. Also can be helpful with bloating and water retention. This is an alcohol-free tincture made with veggie glycerine and apple cider vinegar (with is also beneficial with its mineral content and PH/acidic balancing properties)
$15 small / $30 large
Sunshine Immunity Elixir
Formula of herbs designed to provide stimulation for the Immune System while strengthening the balance of the liver, adrenal glands and respiratory system. Preventative medicine to combat germs or lingering sickness in your environment while also strengthening your body’s potential to restore health upon immune related cold or flu.
Good Mood Energy Elixir
Formula of herbs that have been designed to uplift one’s overall mood while also providing stamina and endurance. Hushes the overly thinking mind, soothes the nervous system and provides the strength to push through fatigue in order to accomplish tasks.
Peaceful Heart Mist
A mist for strengthening the heart center, self love and self compassion as well as help to mend a ‘broken heart.’
Citrus Body Salt Rub
A refreshing, revitalizing, and uplifting salt scrub.  Clear away dry skin and uplift with the incredible citrus fragrance! Also nice to add a bit to your bath.
Lavender and Rose Petal Infused Almond Oil/Body Oil
This oil is wonderful for your skin or hair. Perfect as part of your morning ritual to honor yourself. Adds nourishment to your skin and your body as the nutrient rich almond oil sinks into your pores. The lavender and rose add antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits to the oil while also feeling grounding and soothing. Bless yourself with the beauty and fragrance of mother earth. Works great for opening the capillaries of skin & strengthening the nervous system when used before a cold shower!
Tropical Bath Salts
Heavenly scented bath salts to add to warm water when bathing. Gives a relaxing and reminiscent experience of traveling far away to a dreamy destination. Smells like a trip to India’s temples, Hawaiian rain forest or lounging on a beach in the Caribbean. Can also be used to exfoliate when rubbed on skin.
Rose & Jasmine Face Cleanser
A refreshing and rejuvenating cleanser for your face. Light exfoliation and astringency. Extra helpful for skin that is greasy to balance PH levels. Astringent qualities help to restore and clear your skin from blemishes. Rich in Vitamin C and soothing/gentle herbs. Useful after being sweaty.
$15 small/ $22 large
Herbal Bug Spray
Keep the critters away with this natural bug repellent. Can be sprayed and rubbed on your skin or surrounding you. As a bonus, helps repel fleas and other critters from your pets when sprayed on collar.
$8 small/ $10 medium/ $20 Large
Herbal Mouth Refreshment
This is an oral health product with therapeutic benefit. Strengthens gums & cleans bacteria- disinfects, antimicrobial and antibacterial. The spray works when you feel the tingle. 1 spritz does the trick. ~ Contains alcohol that was used to help extract the plant constituents
$8 small/ $10 Medium/ $14 large
Digestive Health Herbal Tea Blend
This blend of herbs can be used to ease digestive complaints. Helps stimulate digestion and may relieve and soothe excess gas or cramping. Helps to assimilate nutrients from food as the herbs nourish the GI track.
$10 small/ $18 large
Patience Pays Herbal Tea Blend
This blend of herbs can be used to promote patience and calmness. Can be useful to ease anxious thoughts and stress, as well as contribute to a more peaceful outlook. The blend was created in meditation alongside the plants and by the guidance of Yogi Bhajan’s ‘Patience Pays’ dialogue. The herbs have been selected to be very supportive and to help one truly feel that within time all things will be taken care of… with patience of course! (Contact me to hear and read Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan’s ‘Patience Pays’)
$10 small/ $18 large
Angelic Dreams Herbal Tea Blend
This blend of herbs can be used to promote peaceful rest. These herbs aid in soothing and relaxing body, spirit, and mind… just enough to hush the thoughts and allow you to melt into a blissful dreamland!  Angelica is included in this blend for its angelic protective properties and for blissful angelic guidance through the night. Sleeping with a little bit of Mugwort under your pillow is said to help one remember their dreams and participate within their dreamworld more consciously; thus the addition of Mugwort in this blend fits perfectly. Sweet Dreams!
$10 small/ $18 large
Brain Tonic Herbal Tea Blend
This blend of herbs sends nutrients to the brain in order to stimulate memory, recall, and balance as well as to strengthen brain signaling. Increases blood flow and can be helpful for headaches. Also, helps to focus and eliminate mental confusion.
$10 small/ $18 large
Heart Tonic Herbal Tea Blend
This blend of herbs can be used to nourish the heart organ. The synergy of these herbs helps to normalize blood pressure levels, provide overall nutrients to the cardiac region of the body and in turn benefit the heart center.
$10 small/ $18 large
Empowered Goddess Menopause Tea Blend
This blend combines many herbs that are helpful for women during the menopause stage of her life. Helpful with hot flashes, mental fogginess, headaches, mood swings and balancing hormone & mineral levels.
8 Chakra Remedies
Infused botanical oil, essential oils, and flower essences. Balance and harmonize the chakras on physical and energetic level.
$22 each/full set $165