Meet the Herbalist

Welcome and Sat Nam (greetings to the Truth within you)! 
Thank you for visiting this site for Angelic Herbs. Some of you may know me as Jacci while many of you might know me by my spiritual name Siri Baldeep Kaur- either way I am here greeting you in service to help you explore the healing ways of our Mother Earth. I am devoted and dedicated to the study of herbal medicine which can be defined simply as healing with plants. The approach I take to working with healing plants is integrative. I infuse the medicine I make with mantra and each formula I create is birthed from sitting in meditation with healing plants. When working with an individual, I work towards matching the right plants with the person's needs, while working with the great spirit Earth to help guide. It truly is a beautiful, unique and earth rooted process that shifts and enhances between person to person and plant to plant. 

A little bit about my journey with the plants...

I'll never forget my Great Grandmother (who I share a birthday with), telling me a few years before she passed away that she often dreamt about me being a doctor and healing people with my hands by crafting up whatever I could to help others. From a young age, I have always let my heart guide me- and as an emotional and beautiful creation of the Creator, I have always known that health and well being for myself and others is the direction I must walk. 

After living and traveling in West Africa and India, I completed my BA in Cultural Anthropology. I focused on self empowerment and self help by exploring tools that people use around the world to live to their highest and fullest potential- even in the face of deep longing, extreme poverty, and overall lack of formal education. I noticed people living in these developing countries were so invested in the beauty of each moment and the blessings that they had rather than what they lacked. So many times they pointed to their blessings in the form of natural wonders such as; plentiful fruit trees, useful and medicinal plants, and even in ceremony honoring the seasons of change as the earth springs forth its bountiful gifts.

I watched women in India put together large herb kits for their family's first aid and I helped to prepare many Ayurvedic meals, cooking with herbs for vibrant health. Working with plants, was a time to build supportive community- women would learn from one another and advise each other on a variety of issues at home while harvesting in the field or sitting on the ground garbling (pulling apart the useful plant material from non-desired material). In Africa, I remember one of the first herbs I was introduced to... It was the Tooth Brush plant, Salvadora persica. The men and women in small villages would pull a branch from the plant, peel back the first few layers on the tip and begin to chew the stick. The tip of the stick would begin to soften up and resemble a tooth brush- it's fibrous properties help to get in between teeth and can heal one's gums with its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial benefits. The stories can go on and on of all the different times where I found myself paying close attention to how plants were being used around me. 

The next step for me was to find a way to develop my relationship with plants and learn to commune with them to help people receive their healing. I graduated from The California School of Herbal Studies where we learned everything from growing medicinal plants, botany, physiology and anatomy, plant spirit communication, medicine making, harvesting plants, mushrooms and seaweed, nutrition and culinary herbalism... all linked to Western Herbalism with introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Since completing school, I have continued to study with the Earth and have been blessed with many gifts from the Mother that I would love to share with you. 
I absolutely honor working with individuals for preventative medicine, herbs to increase their vitality, or herbs to address specific ailments. I also make botanical products that are specific for various conditions that may manifest within the body, mind, and/or emotional spirit along with botanical creations to contribute to a feeling of bliss while pampering yourself with the beauty of the earth (i.e. Jasmine Rose Petal Face Wash and Sacred Space Mist).   

Plants are so willing and able to heal. There is so much power in simply being with plants and embracing the Divine Mother Earth. Many of us have had the experience of standing under a tall tree and feeling within us an expansiveness that is nearly indescribable. Well, I urge you to try this again. This time shut your eyes and deeply inhale into your  mind's eye (the third eye point) and exhale from your heart center... inhale... exhale...  you will then begin to receive messages of love and guidance from the tree. Take any positive thoughts as a Knowing that the Grace of Mother Earth is with you and working through you to help guide your way. May you feel grounded in her healing ways.

YOU are the reflection of the beauty and Grace of the Mother Earth around us!

Wishing you love & vibrancy rooted in the Divine Earth,
Siri Baldeep Kaur