~ Winter Remedies ~
Seasonal Wellness Kit

This is a 6 piece individually hand crafted herbal wellness kit~ full of remedies to help you remain healthy, vibrant and full of strength throughout the Winter Season. 

Winter Remedies Seasonal Wellness Kit includes:

~ Winter Chai 
~ Immunity Remedy Honey
~ Cold & Sore Throat Spray
~ Sunshine Immunity Elixir
~ Spicy Full Moon Fire Cider
~ Skin Healer Balm

Comes in a reusable tin lunch box- with an instructional guide to help you manage your own health. Ever wonder what to take at the initial signs of a cold? What herbs to use in order to prevent seasonal illness throughout the winter? It's all in the Winter Remedies Kit!

Promote vibrant health this winter season by gifting the kit to your beloved ones!

$41 + shipping (a $90 value marked at less than half off, so that I can share the gift & my wish for all my friends to be healthy & happy this season)

 Email me at Angelic.herbs@gmail.com to purchase yours!